Purchase Decisions are more emotional than Logical

Take a moment to think about that statement: let it set in. The truth is, people, don't purchase homes for entirely logical reasons. They just don't. If they did, a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home would sell like any other. But we all know that isn't true.

People discriminate by nature without even really knowing they are doing it. It's natural. everyone has their own desires, ideas, and perception. Especially when it comes to purchasing a home. One home will always stand out because they are priced or marketed better and because of how a particular home makes a buyer feel. People are sometimes willing to pay more for a house, even if it doesn't make sense logically even if it is priced higher than an equally sized house in a similar area. So many different variables come into play when purchasing a home, but nearly everyone buys a home for the lifestyle benefits they'll receive by living there.

The number of rooms in a house, it's size, even it's location are important factors but are not the actual reason a house sells. That's a fact. It's more about the feelings the buyer gets when they walk into that home. Are your buyers going to be couples looking to start a a family or singles who just moved to the area? Are they young and getting started or old and retiring? your real estate agent should know the answers to theses questions.

A good real-estate agent knows their market and potential buyers. They use cutting-edge information to identify who the potential buyer is, what they look like, what appeals to theses people, etc. The answers to these questions are essential. They help dictate how you market and potentially sell your home. Find a realtor and ask them theses questions. make sure the agent you choose understands the value of knowing your buyer and marketing accordingly.

It's important to recognize and appeal to the buyer's emotions, more than anything, when marketing a home. A good real estate agent understands this, and your average person won't. A good real estate agent will know hoe to stage your home in a way that will get you your best offer. Theses agents know the buyer. their wants. desires and use them to get their client cash.

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