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April 2, 2021

Spring Newsletter 2021

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March 31, 2021


Divorce is rarely easy and often means a lot of difficult decisions.
One of the most important decisions is what to do about the house. In the midst of the heavy emotional and financial turmoil, what you need most is some non-emotional, straightforward, specific information and answers. Once you know how a divorce affects your home, your home loan and taxes, critical decisions are

Probably the first decision is whether you want to continue living in the house. Will the familiar surroundings bring you comfort and emotional security, or unpleasant memories? Do you want to minimize change by staying where you are, or sell your home and move to a new place that offers a new start?

Only you can answer those questions, but there will almost certainly be some financial repercussions to your decision process. What can you afford? Can you manage the old house on your new budget? Is refinancing possible? Or is it better to sell and buy? How much house can you buy on your new budget?

To make sure that we send you the right information to help you in your current situation, Call me and let's talk!


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March 30, 2021

Knock Home Swap


Knock Home Swap!

The smart way to buy a new home before you sell your current one.

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March 2, 2021

Newsletter March 2021




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Feb. 25, 2021

We Can Do More..

Hi I'm Connie Garrett and I Guarantee to Sell your Home at a Price and Time-frame you agree to or I WILL BUY IT MYSELF!

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Feb. 25, 2021

Knock Home Swap

At Knock, we’re on a mission to empower people to move freely. The Knock Home Swap™ makes it easy for consumers to swap their current house for their dream home by buying first and selling later, skipping the hassles of living through repairs and showings, paying only one mortgage at a time, and having home prep covered upfront so their old house sells on the market for the highest possible price.


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Jan. 1, 2021

Exciting New Years Resolution


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Dec. 18, 2020

Under contract


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Dec. 7, 2020

Homeward Bound- Dec 2020



Why I Give to Must Ministries:

Born, raised and growing up here in Metro Atlanta I have seen many things change.  I remember when it was just woods where two of the areas largest shopping malls are now, Northpoint and Mall of Georgia.  The Chic-Fil-A I worked at as a teenager, at Shannon Mall is now Movie Studios. Most call it progress, and it is true that many have done well as the metro area of Atlanta has grown.  There are however some in our community that for reasons beyond we can fully understand are experiencing real hardship.  Circumstances like tragedy, loss, victim, homeless, disabled, abused, hungry, gravely ill and unemployed. People with one or a combination of these hardships do exist and exist in numbers that would shock most.  Thank God for the great people at MUST Ministries.  For almost 50 years MUST Ministries has been leading the way in helping those in our community that need help the most. Literally, restoring HOPE to those who are living with hopelessness.  Whether providing Food for the struggling and hungry through its many food pantries, or providing temporary housing for the displaced or the abused or the homeless, to the jobs programs for struggling neighbors trying to get back on their feet, to the Clothing, the Summer Lunch Programs, the Toy Shop and their Market Place for poverty-stricken neighbors, Must leads the way in restoring lives one person and one community at a time.  

I encourage you to visit their website at and check out the better than good work they are doing in our community!






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Nov. 10, 2020

5 Myths About Selling a Home

5 Myths About Selling a Home Right Now

Are you curious about the state of the housing market? Like many homeowners, especially potential sellers, you may be hesitant to make a move because there’s a lot of uncertainty and speculation these days. 

But you don’t want to let false assumptions keep you from reaching your goals, now or in the future. 

Let’s clear up some common myths about what’s happening in real estate right now and what we’re likely to expect going forward.

Myth: Buyers are waiting to enter the market.

Record-low mortgage rates mean it’s a great time to purchase a home, and buyers are actively engaging in the market.

Myth: Fall is the wrong season to sell.

You’ve probably heard that it’s better to list in the spring or summer. But this fall is a seller’s market — and a highly active one at that.

Myth: Home prices are decreasing.

Nearly every metro region saw price growth this year, with trends outpacing expectations. In fact, historically low mortgage rates could allow people to afford higher-priced homes, encouraging them to buy now.

Myth: You won’t be able to show your home.

You can show your home safely by following the recommended precautions. Virtual home tours and private showings are also options. 

Myth: The real estate market is going to crash.

It’s a common concern, but what’s happening today is different from the financial crisis of 2008. Experts are optimistic, as the economy remains fundamentally strong. The housing market looks solid for the foreseeable future, and there is no reason to abandon your plans. 

It’s easy for the truth about selling to get lost in the shuffle. If you’re curious about what else is happening in real estate, especially our local market, reach out today. 

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